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"I have been using the services of Active Solutions Physical Therapy over many years to treat my pain and discomfort from arthritis, back pain and surgeries. Olaf and Antoinette, the physical therapists at Active Solutions, are very attentive, listen to me, treat me with respect and most important, know how to treat my discomfort at the time, and allow me after one or more appointments to find comfort and relief."
Jan 15, 2018

Antoinette has been extremely helpful. I saw her for about 10 sessions (which were a combination of manual therapy and Feldenkrais) and experienced a significant decrease in my symptoms. In addition, she began to help me with my balance problems (using Feldenkrais). I had marked improvement in my balance/steadiness after just a brief intervention. Besides being a skilled physical therapist, I found Antoinette to be a lovely individual with a quiet and respectful way of working.

Carol C.

Olaf was able to achieve the seemingly impossible; a pain-free life for me. After six months of physical therapy and an additional six months of diligent adherence to a customized exercise routine, I have completely recovered from my neck injury. It's miraculous to return from intense 24/7 pain to a fully functional normal life. Thank you so much for making all the difference. I'm so grateful.

Mary Ann M.

For the past two or three years I have used Antoinette Vastenburg for therapy. The specific therapy being used is the Feldenkrais method. I have been very pleased, as have several of my patients, with the conscientious care and professional treatment that Ms. Vastenburg has provided. Several of these patients have been able to avoid surgery because of this treatment.

Richard Sanders, M.D.
Denver Vascular Surgical Associates, P.C.

After years of traditional physical therapy, and endless cycles of therapy-pain-more-therapy-more pain, I discovered the quiet wisdom of Feldenkrais. At last a form of therapy that brings light to the root of the problem and empowers me to make body movement changes that free my body of chronic pain.

Jamie F.

I was referred to Antoinette Vastenburg for physical therapy, using the 'Feldenkrais Method', after my car accident. After undergoing treatment, using this method, I am living virtually, pain free. When I do have an occasional flair up, I have tools now to alleviate my pain. My whole body has relearned how to move in unison to avoid pain.

Alonda P.

This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.

Margaret Mead, Ph. D., Anthropologist on the Feldenkrais Method

I chose the option of physical therapy instead of immediately going into surgery. After four months of therapy with Active Solutions, I do not have the constant pain in my back and neck, or the numbness in my arm.

Olaf and his wife Antoinette do different types of therapy, and I went to both of them. They taught me exercises, improved my posture, and also taught me what to do if I start feeling pain or numbness. I have been on my own to do the exercises for over a month now, and I am doing very well.

I would highly recommend Active Solutions Physical Therapy to anyone who could be helped by physical therapy.

Marlene S.