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Originally from Europe, Olaf and Antoinette have many years of experience. They are at the forefront of their field through continuing-education courses in many specialized areas, including spinal manipulation, exercise, movement re-education, orthopedic and sports medicine and myofascial manipulation. Because of their knowledge, experience and results, Olaf and Antoinette are trusted by many area physicians for their patients.

Active Solutions Physical Therapy | Physical Therapist | Olaf Deroos

Olaf Deroos, PT, MHSc, MTC

Originally from the Netherlands and Dutch-trained, Olaf moved to the United States in the late 1980s. He worked at The Methodist Hospital, several private outpatient clinics, and saw patients through a home health company in Houston, TX. Olaf then moved and settled in Boulder, CO in 1993. Here he has focused on gaining experience in orthopedic injuries and manual therapy in various clinics.

Olaf founded Active Solutions Physical Therapy in 1999. To further increase his knowledge and skills, Olaf studied orthopedic and manual therapy at the University of St. Augustine, Florida and received an Advanced Master's of Health Science degree in 2003.

Olaf's mission is to help his patients achieve optimal function. He improves his patients' quality of life and overall health by treating and resolving their pain. His treatments are mostly a combination of joint mobilizations and joint manipulations along with exercise and instructions. His main interests are treating people with back pain and orthopedic injuries.

Besides physical therapy, Olaf enjoys spending time with his children, mountain biking, telemark skiing and playing chess. Olaf's knowledge and compassion for helping others with their pain and disabilities has successfully returned many people back to their active lifestyles.

Active Solutions Physical Therapy | Physical Therapist | Antoinette Vastenburg

Antoinette Vastenburg, PT, GCFP

Antoinette has always been fascinated by how the human body can move and heal. She has enthusiastically learned a variety of sports both growing up and still as an adult. Antoinette wishes for everyone to move freely and do what they love to do, which led her into studying physical therapy at an early age. She graduated from "de Akademie voor Fysiotherapie Leeuwarden" in the Netherlands, her home country, in 1987. Since then she has continued her path to improve her understanding of musculoskeletal injury healing through continuing education concerning various aspects of physical therapy. To deepen her understanding of motor learning as it relates to injury healing she attended a Feldenkrais Professional training program through the Movement Institute, Berkeley, CA. She received her certification in 1999. Her compassion for helping others and her ability to combine traditional physical therapy with movement re-education through the Feldenkrais method has helped many people regain their functional abilities.

Antoinette has worked in different outpatient, hospital and home health settings in the Netherlands, Denmark, Texas and Colorado. She has been working at Active Solutions Physical Therapy since 2002. She enjoys working with patients with orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, and balance disorders.

Besides helping others return to their active lifestyle Antoinette enjoys being with her family. Telemark skiing, camping and traveling together are some of their favorite activities. Antoinette also enjoys hiking with her dog and friends, Qi-Gong, Latin American dance and gardening. She is currently learning new Hip-Hop moves.

Active Solutions Physical Therapy staff | Logan


Logan has been working the front desk with Active Solutions Physical Therapy since May 2016.

Logan is captivated by the human body and its abilities. He recently finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he enjoyed his anatomy and Exercise Physiology classes and labs. He now has a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology and hopes to become a certified personal trainer before applying to a Masters in Athletic Training program.

Logan spends much of his free time hiking and fly fishing, leading to a great appreciation for nature and all things outdoors. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially camping and hiking all over Colorado.

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